positive loitering
Positive Loitering: Increase Customer Dwell Time and Spend with Digital Signage

The use of digital signage in the restaurant space has been growing exponentially as operators realize the flexibility, marketing and branding opportunities it provides. But there are more important reasons to deploy digital signage for your brand. Learn more in this report from NEC.

fast casual
Using Digital Signage to Engage Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials have been the largest age group driving an increase in visits and profits for fast casual restaurants and more than 1/5 of Gen Z’s budget goes toward food. To attract these customers, brands must focus their efforts on how they market to millennials and Gen Z, especially in an age of increased competition. Read more in this report from NEC.

Future of Digital Signage and Advertising
The Future of Digital Signage and Advertising

Read to learn more about key trends that will redefine how a brand engages with its customers

Restaurant Whitepaper A
How Screens Can Revolutionize the Restaurant Industry

With sales in the restaurant industry forecasted to reach $799 billion in 2017, there’s a huge opportunity for digitized solutions in any type of eatery, from QSR to fine dining. See how these solutions can help create a seamless experience for patrons and, ultimately, increase brand loyalty.

Infographic: Why Laser Projectors?
Infographic: Why Laser Projectors?

Learn how constant color rendition and brightness, lack of lamp replacements, and long usage hours of laser projectors help lower your overall total cost of ownership in this infographic.

Infographic: Laser Projectors in Digital Signage
Infographic: Laser Projectors in Digital Signage

In this infographic , find out why laser projectors solve the crucial problems that lamp-based projectors and flat panel solutions can't.

OPS is Changing the Digital Signage Landscape
OPS is Changing the Digital Signage Landscape

In the early days of digital signage, manufacturers had their own proprietary systems and devices. Once a deployer chose a specific supplier they were locked into that supplier's products thus limiting the deployer's options when it came to upgrading and expanding their network or adding new devices. This whitepaper explains how the advent of Open Specification for digital signage has changed that.

Laser Projectors in Digital Signage
Laser Projectors in Digital Signage

Projection can be used to create signage much larger than traditional digital displays and deploy that signage in areas that simply aren’t suitable for a digital screen. In this white paper we explore why you would choose laser projection over a digital display in a deployment.

Fast Casual restaurants Build Relationships with Customers through Technology
Fast Casual Restaurants Build Relationships with Customers through Technology

Fast casual restaurant environments are far from your typical quick-service, in and out eating experience but rather is seen as a leisurely, comfortable alternative. Read about the technologies that can aid in this experience for customers.

Putting Together a 4kUHD Solution
Putting Together A 4K UHD Solution

Digital signage displays featuring UHD can create an eye-grabbing experience that enables a deployment to stand out from an evergrowing field of digital displays. But despite its growing popularity, putting together a 4K/UHD solution can be a challenge. Download this white paper to learn how to properly put the pieces together for a customer experience that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Deploying LED Displays
Deploying LED Displays

Recent improvements in LED technology are opening the door to an increasing number of uses that may have once been the domain of a LCD screen. This whitepaper defines the advantages and disadvantage when it comes to weighing the use of an LED display compared with an LCD screen and details key considerations to keep in mind before choosing to deploy LED signage.

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