Projecting the Future
Projecting the Future

Learn best practices to turn any space into an interactive environment with advanced technology projectors.

Restaurant Whitepaper A
How Screens Can Revolutionize the Restaurant Industry

With sales in the restaurant industry forecasted to reach $799 billion in 2017, there’s a huge opportunity for digitized solutions in any type of eatery, from QSR to fine dining. See how these solutions can help create a seamless experience for patrons and, ultimately, increase brand loyalty.

Retail Whitepaper A
Making the Move to Immersive Retail

See how many retailers are moving to a more immersive in-store experience to engage customers and improve the shopping experience and brand loyalty.

Collaboration Whitepaper - ThinkHub
Buyer’s Guide to Collaboration

As companies strive to maintain a competitive edge, collaboration has become a game-changing trend with the potential to transform organizational effectiveness across the board. NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub is fueling the next level of workplace evolution with a powerful, consolidated toolbox that will transform the meaning of the word “meeting.” Learn more in this Buyers Guide!

Evolving Education Image
Evolving Education: Four Key Trends Driving the Use of Visual Learning Technologies in the Classroom

Today’s school-age children live in a multi-screen world. Their immersion in technology has redefined the way they learn. See how schools are using different display technologies to create these interactive and engaging "blended learning" environments to help students retain knowledge.

OPS is Changing the Digital Signage Landscape
OPS is Changing the Digital Signage Landscape

In the early days of digital signage, manufacturers had their own proprietary systems and devices. Once a deployer chose a specific supplier they were locked into that supplier's products thus limiting the deployer's options when it came to upgrading and expanding their network or adding new devices. This whitepaper explains how the advent of Open Specification for digital signage has changed that.

Laser Projectors in Digital Signage
Laser Projectors in Digital Signage

Projection can be used to create signage much larger than traditional digital displays and deploy that signage in areas that simply aren’t suitable for a digital screen. In this white paper we explore why you would choose laser projection over a digital display in a deployment.

Interactive Kiosks from the Hardware to the Software
Interactive Kiosks from the Hardware to the Software

The use of self-service technology is on the rise as businesses seek ways to operate more efficiently. Nowhere is that more evident than in the proliferation of interactive self-service kiosks. This whitepaper discusses the importance for deployers to consider each component of a deployment and how it will work with the various other components before moving forward with their execution.

Putting Together a 4kUHD Solution
Putting Together A 4K UHD Solution

Digital signage displays featuring UHD can create an eye-grabbing experience that enables a deployment to stand out from an evergrowing field of digital displays. But despite its growing popularity, putting together a 4K/UHD solution can be a challenge. Download this white paper to learn how to properly put the pieces together for a customer experience that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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