Raising the Bar on PATIENT SAFETY
Raising the Bar on PATIENT SAFETY

Today's digital technologies are improving care while reducing incidents. Learn in this whitepaper from NEC how hospitals are modernizing facilities and relying more on electronic displays to assist patients.

4 ways hospitals are using high-impact visuals

Healthcare facilities across the country are using high-impact visual solutions in new and creative ways – and significantly increasing patient and staff satisfaction in the process. Learn in this Executive Brief from Stan Swiderski 4 Ways hospitals are using high impact visual solutions to improve patient care.

The End of Dry-Erase: How digital signage creates a smarter patient experience

Patient engagement can be broken down into three broad priorities: access to patient data, patient-provider communication and patient satisfaction. These three domains acknowledge an era-defining truth. Technology has rapidly changed not only how we provide healthcare but also how we experience it. Learn how innovative technology is improving the patient experience.

Leverage emerging technology to improve the patient experience, cut costs and work more efficiently.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative and commercial displays, NEC Display Solutions can offer you the widest range of display products for any healthcare application. NEC technology features best in class warranties and product reliability unmatched in the industry. Check out our infographic that shows complete facility solutions.

When Signs and Walls Go Digital, Patients Benefit

Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are deploying digital signage in a wide variety of ways to improve patient satisfaction, safety, staff morale, branding and more. In this whitepaper learn how the healthcare industry is using innovative technology for better facility management.

Collaboration Whitepaper - ThinkHub
Buyer’s Guide to Collaboration

As companies strive to maintain a competitive edge, collaboration has become a game-changing trend with the potential to transform organizational effectiveness across the board. NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub is fueling the next level of workplace evolution with a powerful, consolidated toolbox that will transform the meaning of the word “meeting.” Learn more in this Buyers Guide!

Infographic: Laser Projectors in Digital Signage
Infographic: Laser Projectors in Digital Signage

In this infographic , find out why laser projectors solve the crucial problems that lamp-based projectors and flat panel solutions can't.

OPS is Changing the Digital Signage Landscape
OPS is Changing the Digital Signage Landscape

In the early days of digital signage, manufacturers had their own proprietary systems and devices. Once a deployer chose a specific supplier they were locked into that supplier's products thus limiting the deployer's options when it came to upgrading and expanding their network or adding new devices. This whitepaper explains how the advent of Open Specification for digital signage has changed that.

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