Display Solutions Elevate the Theater Experience

To meet the expectations of today’s moviegoers, exhibitors are adopting a wide range of digital display solutions to create unforgettable experiences for their customers. From the first touchpoint outside the theater, through the lobby, concession and entertainment areas, and into the auditorium itself, digital display solutions are elevating the entire theater experience. Learn more about these game changing technologies in this NEC byline.

Transforming Hospitality with Digital Signage
Transforming Hospitality with Digital Signage

Hospitality organizations have the unique opportunity to make use of their physical spaces to attract, inform and entertain consumers. The key to engaging customers lies in three digital display technologies. This guide to digital signage shows how these technologies are changing the game for hospitality businesses.

How to Break “Out of the Box” with Innovative Digital Projection

Every growing congregation offers new opportunities to use sound, video and animation to create awe-inspiring services and events. As your house of worship’s attendance has grown, you’ve probably already experimented with larger video screens and more powerful audio systems. But technologies like these are just the beginning. Read more about these technologies in this NEC byline.

Looking to drive student engagement with Digital Signage?

Not all educational technology is created equal. Technology leaders need to make sure that they choose products that will have the greatest impact on student learning and provide a positive ROI. Learn in this whitepaper from NEC how to make sure to get the most out of your investment in classroom technology.

The End of Dry-Erase: How digital signage creates a smarter patient experience

Patient engagement can be broken down into three broad priorities: access to patient data, patient-provider communication and patient satisfaction. These three domains acknowledge an era-defining truth. Technology has rapidly changed not only how we provide healthcare but also how we experience it. Learn how innovative technology is improving the patient experience.

Incorporating retail space in rail hubs to recover the costs of operations
Incorporating retail space in rail hubs to recover the costs of operations

Major rail hubs around the world are undergoing significant renovations, and new rail hubs are being designed to focuse on future needs. With rising construction and operation costs, transportation centers are seeking ways to recoup their investments and ensure financial sustainability by offering a range of mixed-use facilities. Read about the role digital signage plays in this whitepaper.

When Signs and Walls Go Digital, Patients Benefit

Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are deploying digital signage in a wide variety of ways to improve patient satisfaction, safety, staff morale, branding and more. In this whitepaper learn how the healthcare industry is using innovative technology for better facility management.

Three 2018 Digital Signage Trends for Houses of Worship

Research suggests that 70% of Americans recall digital video displays they’ve seen for a full month. This is true not only in advertising but also in houses of worship. Digital signage is giving houses of worship new ways to connect to their congregations, across the country and around the world. Read on for more digital signage trends for houses of worship in this NEC byline.

Digital Signage and Facial Detection
More than meets the eye - digital signage and facial detection

Retailers are adopting many different approaches to personalize the shopping experience for their customers to overcome the challenges they face competing with e-commerce sites and other retailers. Smart digital signage, which combines facial detection software and anonymous analytics, is a tool that enables retailers to engage customers and provide an extra personal touch.

When being redundant is a plus
When being redundant is a plus

Digital signage can enable restaurant operators to engage with customers, keep people in the stores longer and generally boost sales — but only if the screens are on. While the graphics and the ability to update menu items can be impressive, a digital menu board that displays nothing can drive away hungry patrons. Read this NEC whitepaper for more information on how to create redundancy to avoid downtime.

The total cost of digital signage
The total cost of digital signage

"Pay now or pay later” might be the advice for buying anything from kitchenware to appliances. By paying more for a higher quality product up front, businesses can avoid having to replace or repair the item later — and save money in the long run. Read this digital signage NEC byline for more information explaining how future-proofing now, may save in the end.

Moving from static to digital signage
Moving from static to digital signage

Static menu boards are on the decline as foodservice operators upgrade to digital signage solutions. See how operators are looking to these state-of-the-art digital displays to help them compete in this whitepaper.

How Digital Signage Can Lift Retail Sales
How Digital Signage Can Lift Retail Sales

Retailers are in a constant state of competition and are challenged to reach distracted customers. This whitepaper helps to clarify the role of digital signage to boost satisfaction and the bottom line.

Measuring Digital Signage ROI in the Hospitality Industry
Measuring Digital Signage ROI in the Hospitality Industry

In an industry in which competition is fierce and customer expectations are high, every hospitality business faces the challenges of improving the customer experience. Read how you can measure the ROI of your digital signage to help improve that experience.

How Screens Can Revolutionize the Restaurant Industry
How Screens Boost Efficiency in the Kitchen

Digital displays can do more than let customers know what is on the menu. They can be an essential part of back-of-the-house operations. Read more in this restaurant whitepaper.

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