NEC PD Comms Tool (NEC Public Display Communications Tool) is a software application that can be used to configure, control, and test supported NEC large screen LCD display models via either RS232 or LAN connections. It can also be used to assist with developing and debugging external control systems by showing the communications protocol for commands exchanged between the software and displays.


Main Features and Benefits

NEC PD Comms Tool provides a simple, intuitive interface to perform the following functions:
  • Provides easy remote access to many common controls.
  • Access to advanced controls.
  • Assists with diagnosing connection and configuration related problems.
  • Displays and logs all commands exchanged via RS232 or LAN.
  • Shows a breakdown of how commands are constructed from the input parameters and monitor protocol.
  • Powerful scripting command language allows complex control sequences to be performed on multiple displays.

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