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Can Task schedules be created with different start times for different days of the week - for example to power on displays at different times on different days?
Yes. Simply create a Task with the desired Start Schedule times and days of the week to run. Then duplicate that task and edit it to change the start times and other days of the week. Repeat as necessary. So the end result is that there are multiple Tasks performing the same operation, but on different days and start times.
Can two instances of the application share the same NaViSet Administrator database file simultaneously?
No. The database can only be opened by one instance at any one time.
Can the database used by NaViSet Administrator be accessed by other software?
No. The database format is proprietary. Device information can be exported via delimited text files and Excel files.
Can RS232 Splitters or Y adapters be used to connect multiple displays?
No. This will result in communication collisions and is an illegal topology for RS232 communications.
What happens when there is a time change such as DST (Daylight saving time)?
Tasks that are currently inactive will automatically be rescheduled to take into account the new time from the host computer whenever it is changed. If tasks are running when the time change occurs, a message will be included in the task results indicating the time change.
If the same brightness and color settings are applied to multiple displays will they look exactly the same?
For most display models, no. Since each display is different due to the age, usage, and normal tolerances, the same color setting values applied to different displays will result in some brightness and/or color differences.
The results of a Task show numerous Last Query Still Running warning messages. What does this mean?
The task has not completed before the next time it is scheduled to poll has been reached. Increase the polling interval time to allow the task to complete on all of the devices specified.
What happens to any scheduled tasks if NaViSet Administrator is closed? Do they need to be rescheduled?
NaViSet Administrator needs to be running in order for a scheduled task to start and run. If it is not running when a task is scheduled to start, then the task will be rescheduled for the next time period as soon as the application is run again. All tasks are automatically rescheduled whenever NaViSet Administrator is started and do not need to be manually rescheduled, however tasks missed will not be caught up.
How much network bandwidth does NaViSet Administrator use?
Communications to each device uses a minimal amount of network bandwidth - typically several kilobytes for most operations.
How long would it take to perform an operation on a large number of devices?

NaViSet Administrator can communicate to multiple different devices in parallel, which speeds up operation by allowing simultaneous connections, and allows more operations to be performed while waiting for other devices to respond to commands. Up to 30 connections can be used by selecting Maximum simultaneous network connections in the application Preferences.

Assuming that all 30 connections are used with the maximum possible efficiency, then operations on all devices will complete at 30 times the speed of performing the operation on all devices in serial using one connection. Depending on the device, connection type, and operation being performed, operation times are typically between 5 seconds to 1 minute.

Example: Approximately how long would it take to power off 1000 displays?

Assuming a power off operation takes 15 seconds to perform on a device, if performed serially using one connection the total time would be about 15 seconds x 1000 = 15000 seconds (over 4 hours). If 30 connections are used, then the time is 15 x 1000 ÷ 30 = 500 seconds (just over 8 minutes). It is assumed that no other operations are being performed at the same time.

Is it possible to connect to a display that is connected via RS232 to the local computer?
Yes. Install and configure the LAN to RS232 Bridge application on the local computer. Add the display to the device tree in the same way as any other device, but use either the computer’s actual IP address, network name, or the IP address
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