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Can I use the OSD controls on the monitor to change the current Picture Mode?
Yes. When there is no OSD shown on the screen, press the up or down arrow buttons on the right side of the monitor to quickly access the Picture Mode.

However, be aware that the ICC/ColorSync profile for the newly selected Picture Mode will not be generated and registered with the Color Management System if the OSD is used rather than the MultiProfiler application. If you are not using a color managed workflow then this is not normally an issue.

Also, if you are switching between color modes based on the same basic color settings (gamma, color gamut and white point), or between a normal Picture Mode and a Print Emulation based on that normal Picture Mode, then the ICC/ColorSync profiles will be the same and the OSD can be used.
How can I changed the Brightness on the OSD when using a Custom Picture Mode?
It is not possible to use the OSD controls to adjust the Custom Picture Mode settings. Use MultiProfiler to make any adjustments.
When I create a Custom Print Emulation Picture Mode, what is the ICC/ColorSync profile that is created and registered with the Color Management System?
The profile is still a display profile, and represents the color gamut of the monitor as selected on the Print Emulation pages of the Color Configuration Wizard. So, for example, if you selected that the Display Gamut is sRGB, then the profile created will reflect a color gamut of sRGB.
How does the monitor calculate colors and luminance values?
NEC MultiSync PA Series monitors are individually factory calibrated using a highly accurate lab-grade color measurement device. This calibration is combined with internal luminance, temperature and time monitoring of the display monitor in order to provide stable and accurate color. The internal SpectraView Engine color processor takes these factory measurements together with the internal sensor values and automatically calculates and compensates for color changes, and allows color values such as white point and brightness to be specified in absolute values.
Is it possible to calibrate the monitor using an external color sensor?
Yes. The SpectraView software is available to calibrate the monitor if necessary. In addition, the OSD or MultiProfiler controls can be used together with a 3rd party application to manually adjust the monitor together with an external color sensors if necessary.
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