Verbum Dei High School

Verbum Dei is known for its award-winning corporate work study program and for providing its financially-challenged students with the most technologically-advanced tools, including NEC projectors.

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Verbum Dei High School

Verbum Dei, which means “Word of God,” is a Catholic high school for young men in urban Los Angeles. The school is known for its award-winning corporate work study program and for providing its financially challenged students with the most technologically-advanced tools to enable them to succeed and go on to college.

The Challenge

Verbum Dei students have a shortened week of class time due to their corporate work study program, so it is necessary for teachers to move at a fast pace in order to fit all of the lessons in for the week. Because of this, it is of added importance for Verbum Dei students to be attentive and present at all times. As studies show, technology is an effective way to capture students’ attention and increase learning retention, as well as being a necessary tool in the business world. However, in recent years Verbum Dei’s only tools were chalkboards, old textbooks and just 20 computers campus wide. With limited computers and no classroom projectors, both the teachers and students were missing out on how beneficial technology can be in education. Plus, the teachers were always searching for a way to motivate their students, erase boredom in the classroom, and make the students excited to come to class each day. Verbum Dei realized they needed to bring its classrooms into the 21st century by upgrading and purchasing new technology. However, the school did not have a large budget, so they needed to be creative in finding a way to make this happen.

The Solution

CCS Presentations Systems, a leading audio/visual integration company, helped Verbum Dei fulfill their technological needs with NEC projectors. They introduced Brother Jeff Allen, S.J., Information Technology Coordinator at Verbum Dei, to the SMARTer Kids Foundation (SKF) grant program. This grant enables schools to acquire high-tech equipment at a more affordable cost. NEC is the only large area display company to sponsor SKF.

Projection technology was the perfect fit for Verbum Dei because it gives students exposure to cutting-edge technology and helps students retain more of what they hear. NEC projectors were chosen in particular because of their low overall cost as well as because they display crystal clear images that work every time. Highperforming NEC projectors were installed in each of the 21 classrooms, on budget and during the summer, in time for the new school year.

The Benefits

“Now, thanks to NEC, students are excited walking into class to see what cool image is up on the screen. Our teachers are reporting that the students are much more engaged and attentive,” said Brother Allen. “In addition, the teachers have really embraced the technology. Besides using the projectors for PowerPoint and to display information off of the Web, the technology allows instructors to really connect with their students by incorporating DVD movie clips like “Schindler's List” into their history lessons. The dramatic footage helped the classroom bond and facilitated a moving discussion afterwards.”

Another popular usage of the NEC projectors is in science lectures and labs. Now teachers can project formulas and 3D models and even incorporate the latest police crime television show. Students also enjoy using the projectors to make their own oral presentations more fun and exciting.

“This new comfort level with the technology will greatly benefit students when they are called upon in their future positions to give business presentations,” said Brother Allen. “Also, because the students are much more confident using new technology, this significantly improves their performance in the corporate work study program.”

The teachers are able to use the projectors to help tackle boredom and apathy, two factors that commonly cause students to drop out of school. With the help of visual aids, students now participate more and are engaged and excited throughout class. By incorporating their new NEC projectors into typical class time, Verbum Dei High School truly is empowering its students for a successful future.