University of Ottawa

This Canada-based bilingual university has a student population of more than 35,000 from 150+ countries. The school uses professional installation projectors in its multi-purpose conference room.

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University of Ottawa
Quick Facts
  • Facility: University of Ottawa
  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Challenge: Design a new multi-purpose room for VIP guests with high-performance, yet cost-conscious, technology
  • Solution: NEC NP4000 and NP4001 installation projectors

Creating a tech-savvy multimedia room from scratch can be a difficult task to brainstorm, especially when many requirements are riding on its success. To create an impressive area for presentations and formal meetings, the University of Ottawa needed to install several feature-rich products that would not hinder the presenters but rather would expand the possible types of sessions feasible.

As North America's premier bilingual university, the University of Ottawa is the third largest co-operative education program in Canada and has a student population of more than 35,000 from 150+ countries. Students study in their choice of English or French with the option of pursuing French immersion undergraduate programs. Located in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, the university is less than 1.2 miles (2000 meters) from Parliament Hill.

When looking for a vendor and product features for projectors to fill their newly built multi-purpose room, the school developed several criteria. University faculty required timely product delivery and superior service/support, including potential repairs on projector lamps and product accessories. The school also wanted a vendor that provided a large variety of presentation technologies, superior technical support and cost-conscious solutions.

"This new multi-purpose room was built with intentions of housing VIP guests for their conference room needs, specifically when multimedia was required," said Mark Gareau, Manager of the Multimedia Distribution Service for the University of Ottawa. "We needed a room that would provide a showcase for the university; an area of flexibility whereby users could present multimedia presentations from various formats and different sources, from a range of locations within the room and with relative ease."

The multi-purpose room was a new endeavor for the school campus. Gareau, who headed up the project's room design and equipment selection, collaborated with the TELFER School of Management to guide the process and keep things running smoothly. He ensured that product selection would provide quality presentation technology and would operate flawlessly.

After reviewing his available options, Gareau chose the NEC NP4000 and NP4001 professional installation projectors as their superior performance quality accomplished what the university required. The NP4001 featured a wider aspect ratio that had been previously lacking at the campus as well as an ability for playback of video sources from its DLP color wheel technology.

To complement the two central NP4001 projectors in the multimedia room, two NP4000 LCD projectors were installed to provide crisp digital images for computer applications. These were installed at each end of the large room. Because of its great size, the multimedia room allowed for many of today's advanced innovations such as picture-in-picture (PIP), scaling of the various source equipment, translation technology, ample audio/video feeds for the media, specialty lighting and recording and streaming capabilities. Using the NEC installation projectors enabled Gareau's team to manage the units from a remote location via a wireless touch panel from the floor level and a wired and more elaborate AMX panel from the control room upstairs.

"In many ways, the multi-purpose room, with its carefully selected equipment and attention to overall detail, has provided the University of Ottawa with great public exposure and recognition," said Gareau. "We're incredibly pleased with the outcome of this project and have received tremendous compliments from several North American company representatives and delegates. All have marveled at its overall design and architecture."