Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

SAIT is Canada's premier institute of advanced technology, known worldwide for its quality technical education. NEC's portable projectors provide SAIT with high quality and low maintenance.

The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) is Canada’s premier institute of advanced technology, known world-wide for its quality technical education and hands-on training.

The Challenge

To ensure it continues its status as the leading technology institute in Canada, SAIT launched an e-Learning initiative to incorporate the latest technology into the educational process. Nearly 2,000 students were given laptops, and when SAIT expanded its main campus by building roughly 100 new classrooms, the institute wanted to incorporate the latest projection technology. However, they had a tight budget.

SAIT's goal was to equip the rooms with projectors to power interactive whiteboards, as well as project directly to a large pull-down screen.

The institute also wanted to standardize with a single projector manufacturer so instructors would feel comfortable with the technology - no matter what classroom they entered.

They turned to Apex Audio Visual Services, who recommended the use of NEC projectors.

The Solution

NEC's installed projectors were the perfect solution, since they are one of the few products on the market with power zoom, power focus and power lens shift. These features made the projectors flexible enough to be installed in the ceiling, yet portable enough to project onto an interactive whiteboard or a separate, larger screen.

SAIT was able to afford this technology thanks to a SMARTer Kids Foundation educational grant that assists educators in the purchase of visual presentation products.

"SMARTer Kids grants bring the price of projectors down for us significantly," said Gord Nixon, vice president of academics at SAIT. "They allow us to purchase higher-end machines for our classrooms at the same price in which other manufacturers sell their base machines."

SAIT also felt confident turning to NEC because they already knew the projectors displayed vibrant, crystal clear images, and that NEC is a dependable brand – ranked top for return/repair programs and quality and reliability. They knew this because SAIT already used NEC’s portable projectors for sales presentations and contract training on the road. In addition, NEC's projectors also were successfully installed and used in a variety of classrooms, and attached to carts for room-to-room use.

"We've tried a number of manufacturers," said Nixon. "We like NEC due to its high quality, low maintenance and ease of operation. We've also been pleased with NEC's broad product line and durability."

The Benefits

SAIT provides instructors flexibility in their teaching by allowing them to display educational content on an interactive whiteboard powered by NEC projectors. And thanks to the bright lumen light output, SAIT also was able to allow for significant ambient light in the design of the new classrooms.

In fact, SAIT found the projectors so bright that they now operate in Eco-Mode. This technology enables users to select a lower light output option, resulting in a significant increase in usable lamp life and a lower total cost of projector operation.

In addition to saving money and utilizing cutting edge presentation technology, SAIT also benefits from NEC's industry-leading service, training and support.