Sacramento County International Airport

When it needed a state-of-the-art, full-function information display solution to replace its older CRT monitors, SCIA called on NEC Display Solutions to equip its FIDS with 30" and 40" LCDs.


Replace Sacramento County International Airport’s (SCIA) older CRT monitors with a state-of-the-art full-function information display solution featuring large-screen LCDs from NEC Display Solutions*.

The Airport’s Challenge
SCIA needed to update the older display technology being used for flight information and baggage information communications. Image burn-in and power consumption were issues the airport needed to address in their new solution. In addition to implementing the new screen technology, the airport also wanted to add new functionality to the system.

The NEC Display Solution

With the help of its valued partners, NEC Display Solutions installed more than 175 30" (29.5" VIS) NEC LCD3000s and 40" (40" VIS) LCD4000s throughout the airport. Chosen for their feature-rich design and exceptional image quality, the LCDs are now delivering vital information to the 9.3 million travelers who pass through the airport each year.

The large-screen displays, which provide critical flight, gate and baggage information, needed to be cleanly integrated into the newly renovated interior. With the addition of protective enclosures featuring anti-glare glass and vandal-resistant finishing and signal distribution technology, the displays were not only well-protected, they were seamlessly integrated into the stylish dcor of the airport.

“We wanted a display that offered visual clarity and did not have significant issues with image burn-in,” said Steve Elrod, deputy director of information technology and telecommunications for the SCIA System. “We evaluated various display technologies and ultimately selected NEC displays for (SCIA) because we believe they meet our present needs.”

In addition to ultra-wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles, the NEC LCD3000 and LCD4000 deliver brilliant images and rapid response times that allow the monitors to produce virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing. And, with low power consumption and the possibility of advertising revenue generation, the LCDs make for an attractive total cost of ownership.

Key to the display solution was an installation that took into account the physical and structural demands of the airport, including high traffic and visibility. “We needed to protect the displays but, at the same time, not detract from the aesthetics of the project,” said Jim Hackett, national sales director of Digital Factory. “Our thin but resilient enclosures were seamlessly integrated without taking a thing away from the visual appeal of the monitors.”

Magenta Research’s signal management technology enables video distribution over a single cable, allowing the centralization of the computers controlling the content. This proved extremely beneficial to the management and maintenance of the system.

“Providing information to airport patrons is just one side of the coin,” said David Barber, project manager for Air Transport IT Services. “Making the information easy to access and improving the overall airport experience is just as important.”