Frazer Methodist Church

Frazer Methodist Church in Alabama is one of the largest Methodist churches in the country with its 7000-member congregation. To update its AV system, Frazer installed projectors and plasmas.

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Frazer Methodist Church

Frazer Methodist Church of Montgomery, Alabama is one of the largest Methodist churches in the country, and home to a 7,000-member congregation.

The Challenge

Frazer Methodist is always looking for ways to encourage its congregation to actively participate in services. Several years ago, church administrators struck upon the idea of projecting various parts of the service, such as Scripture passages, sermon notes and song lyrics onto a screen in the sanctuary. The response was so great that Frazer Methodist installed a permanent projection system in the church. The challenge arose, however, when the projectors that were initially purchased did not meet the administration’s expectations.

The images became overpowered due to light streaming in from stained glass windows and the lighting necessary for the television broadcast that takes place from the sanctuary every Sunday. Instead of projecting colorful images and verses as originally hoped, Frazer Methodist’s new projectors only worked well while projecting typical Power Point slides.

“We were very happy with the system except the projectors were just not bright enough,” said Scott Skoneki, a parishioner Frazer Methodist and head of the technology team. “The system was simply not accomplishing what Frazer Methodist needed it to do.”

The Solution

The technology team knew that something needed to be done to improve the projection image quality in the church. The answer came when the church’s pastor attended services in another state where projection technology was used exactly how Frazer Methodist had envisioned. However, the projection system carried an eye-popping price tag.

Skoneki had recently seen a projector from NEC that could duplicate the level of brightness of the more expensive model at a fraction of the cost. After a demonstration of the projector, Frazer Methodist officials decided this was the projector that would be a perfect fit for their needs.

Designed specifically for large venue applications such as churches, sports arenas and theaters, the installed projectors from NEC provided viewers reliable brightness in a light weight, easy-to-install package. “The power of this projector allows us to turn on our bright lights and still see TV-quality pictures,” Skoneki said. “We can even use special backgrounds, digital photos and creative lettering. Most importantly, this NEC projector proves you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to get high quality images.”

As Frazer Methodist’s AV system now stands, there are two NEC projectors hung from the back balcony in order to shoot images on the two 9-foot by 12-foot screens located 50 feet apart at the front of the church. These screens are used primarily to display responsive readings, sermon outlines, video, song and Scripture. In order for the pastor and the choir members to also see what is being projected on the screens, Frazer Methodist purchased a 42-inch plasma monitor from NEC as well. The plasma display is located in the balcony of the church and can double as a prompt for the pastor during televised services. The slim style and bright display of the plasma display provides a picture that is visible from the front of the church.

In addition, Frazer uses NEC installed desktop portable projectors in the church’s Fellowship Hall for Sunday school, youth group meetings and training while NEC lightweight, micro portable projectors are employed for outside missions and visits to homebound church members.

The Benefits

Whether it’s displaying live footage of baptisms, new church members or projecting daily announcements, the projection system has enhanced nearly every facet of Frazer Methodist’s services. At funerals, families can now share videos of loved ones. Brides and grooms display childhood photos during their marriage ceremonies. “Without question, there is much more participation with the new projectors,” Skoneki said. “In Scripture readings alone, the pastor will place the passages on the screen and the congregation will read along. The best part is that we haven’t even scratched the surface of all the ways this system can be used.”