Chandler Unified School District

To keep up with its technology and as one of the fastest-growing school districts in Arizona, Chandler Unified School District supplemented its teaching visuals with NEC VT Series projectors.

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Chandler Unified School District

With seven new schools in the last ten years, Chandler Unified School District is one of the fastest-growing districts in Arizona. Located in the southeastern part of the Phoenix metropolitan area, Chandler endeavors to transform its 23,000 K-12 students into lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

The Challenge

Fifth grade teacher Ken Zarnick and the other teachers in the Chandler Unified School District wanted to capture their students’ attention as soon as they entered the classroom, but their visual equipment was doing little to help. The district used a costly distributed video system, along with TV/CRT monitors in the classrooms.

The district needed to revolutionize the way instruction is presented. Chandler decided to invest in technology, making its schools some of the most advanced in the country.

The Solution

Since the integration of technology into the classrooms is a top priority, Chandler purchased NEC Solutions’ VT Series LCD projectors to supplement teaching with visuals to inspire imagination and creativity, as well as enhance the learning experience.

“The thing I like about the LCD projector is how it has helped keep me organized,” Zarnick said. “I have many items scanned into different folders. When we need to go over them I can pull them up for the class to see.”

Chandler’s teachers tested the NEC projectors and were impressed by their versatility, portability and ease of operation. In addition, following a cost analysis, NEC’s projection technology was less expensive than a 32-inch monitor with a scan converter and the necessary equipment to hang it. Since the NEC VT Series projectors are bright enough to project a readable 100-inch diagonal image in a classroom, students would no longer need to huddle around the monitors and strain to see like they had before.

Chandler purchased 700 of NEC’s VT Series projectors for its 27 schools. Placed on carts and accompanied by a VCR, DVD player and a speaker for surround sound, one of these complete media carts is allotted for every other classroom in the elementary schools and one for every three rooms in the high schools.

The NEC VT Series projectors offer several features not typically found in technology at a comparable price. These include simple one-touch buttons and automatic keystone correction for easy set up and usage. In addition, teachers can freeze a video or zoom in on a portion of a presentation to emphasize important points to students. The projectors’ audio and monitor outputs allow teachers to use external speakers for sound and an external monitor to view what’s being projected on the screen behind them while focusing on the class in front.

The Benefits
Many teachers have requested the removal of their overhead projectors because they prefer to use the projectors and store presentations electronically, rather than use outdated transparencies that can only provide static presentations without audio or video.

“Most importantly, the NEC projectors bring instruction to life. They get the students interested and involved in learning,” Zarnick said.

Teachers at Chandler report that they are better organized. One teacher points to monthly book projects as an example. Now they can pull up the instructions and rubrics, review them with the class and print them.

Now Chandler’s students are alert, even during the attendance report and other morning administrative tasks. The projector’s precise, vibrant displays of the dozen math problems make daydreaming about summer vacation a thing of the past!"