Bryant University

To aid its efforts of broadcasting time-sensitive communications to its students and faculty, Bryant University installed 21" and 15" LCDs all over its campus.

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Bryant University
Quick Facts
  • Facility: Bryant University
  • Location: Smithfield, Rhode Island
  • Challenge: Improve communication and timeliness of information to faculty and students
  • Solution: 21.3" NEC MultiSync LCD2110 15" NEC AccuSync LCD52V

With college students and faculty’s busy schedules-from classes to extra-curricular activities and everything in between-it can be difficult for school administrations to ensure these audiences receive critical information. Bryant University, located in Smithfield, Rhode Island, understood that posting notices on campus and sending out emails was possibly not enough to cut through the clutter on its campus.

The university has more than 3000 students and approximately 300 full-time and adjunct faculty on its campus, which makes for an abundance of varied messages that need to be communicated by the administration. To increase the likelihood that this critical information was effectively spread, Bryant University chose NEC Display Solutions to outfit the campus with 50 monitors.

The Challenge

Due to new fire code regulations, Bryant University could only post paper messages and notices behind a glass surface. In addition, university officials noticed that emails and posted notices were not an adequate means of reaching more than 3000 students and faculty. Phil Lombardi, director of academic computing and media services at Bryant University, said the school needed an immediate solution to effectively communicate with students and faculty.

The Solution

Bryant University turned to NEC Display Solutions to implement an electronic digital messaging system in late 2004. The university compared multiple products side-by-side and chose NEC LCDs based on their display and picture quality.

“We were already an NEC shop for all of our classroom projection technology,” said Lombardi. “We had great service and support, and the equipment was such high-quality, NEC Display Solutions was the first product we looked at for digital messaging.”

The University installed 50 displays in academic hallways, the library caf, classrooms and labs.

The displays are used to showcase a wide variety of messages, including parking lot closure information and student performance flyers. Lombardi says instead of being tied to email, faculty, students and staff now access vital information at multiple locations across campus. He says students have become accustomed to viewing the displays as a resource for daily updates.

Since implementation, the university has noticed an increase in the amount of communication pieces being created electronically compared to print. Digital messaging allows students and faculty to incorporate computer graphics, music and multimedia. Students are also creating 30- to 60-second video public service announcements.

“We’ve improved communications and streamlined our workflow process because everything is digital,” said Lombardi. “We’ve cut down on the amount of time it takes to put a message out, and we feel we’re reaching a greater number of people.”

In early 2006, Bryant University was named a Top 25 Most Connected Campus by the Princeton Review and

“Visual communication has become the standard means of connecting with people, and the NEC displays are playing an important role in helping us to accomplish that with our student body and community,” Lombardi said.