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Digital Solutions Designed for Your Business

We'll work with you to create and install NEC digital signage solutions that perfectly match your marketing needs, target audience and environment. Every organization is unique, and we're here to help yours every step of the way.

Committed from Start to Finish

With NEC, you're equipped with a total solutions package—from diagnostics and implementation to follow-up service and support.

Need help deciding on a system and a budget? Our industry experts personally meet with you to assess each unique situation and create a plan of action.

Worried about maintaining fresh content on a digital platform? NEC offers team training as well as user-friendly, customizable templates to make the transitions as smooth as possible. Through one point of contact, you have access to the highest quality technology, superior vendors and an unrivaled industry-specific service team.

No one else offers full complimentary consultations, and no one is more committed to your needs than NEC.

The Digital Signage Workflow

To work efficiently, your NEC display solution brings together experts in several fields. These professionals collaborate to deliver the ideal total display solution for your environment.

Here's how it works:

“NEC built our confidence with this new endeavor because this is their specialty, and therefore we fully trusted them to make a solution that would truly work for us.” said PEI WEI ASIAN DINER
“We love the commercial-grade panels and the near-seamless bezels. NEC provides great support and has been resourceful in delivering solutions specific to our needs as an outfitter. Whether we want to hang a screen from a pole, meld a display with a habitat, or wrap a video wall in wood, NEC has established itself as a worthy partner. It’s been able to meet all of our unique requirements and talk our language.” said CABELA's

Solution Spotlight

Learn about NEC's new InfinityBoard for collaboration, your all-in-one solution for your meeting room.

Learn about System on a Chip (SOC) powered by Raspberry Pi - The Smart Expansion

Learn about NEC's dvLED full HD resolution large configurations from NEC's Keith Yanke.

“The customers have been wowed, which is exactly what we were hoping for. We wanted to provide them with the highest quality experience, from the signage to the cinema, and NEC helped us do that. It's been great working with our partners, and I can't wait to see what the rest of our customers think once they experience what we've created” said FRIDLEY THEATRES

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