Video Cards

NEC MD series monitors are designed to work with most video cards that can support the high resolutions that medical imaging requires. For optimal performance and full utilization of all display features in addition to achieving compatibility with our quality assurance software (GammaComp MD), included with each display, one of the following cards is recommended:

For a monitor compatibility matrix page.


AMD FirePro packed pixel drivers: NEC part numbers MDA-V5800D, MDA-W5000

Matrox XENIA PRO: NEC part number MDM-XENPRO

Matrox Aurora:  NEC part number MDM10B-AVX3MP

Windows XP 32 bit drivers-

Windows XP 64 bit drivers-

Matrox MED series: NEC part numbers MDM10B-2MP, MDM10B-3MP

Windows XP and Vista 32bit drivers-

Windows XP and Vista 64 bit drivers-

For more information on the Matrox line of video cards for medical imaging:

Realvision 5MP SMD ADV: NEC Part Number MDRV10B-5MP

RealVision driver v3.2.13 (Windows XP, Windows 7)
RealVision driver v4.1.4 (Windows XP, Windows 7)

For more information about the Realvision SMD video card visit

For ATI and Nvidia drivers please download the latest drivers from their respective support websites.

For optimum performance of the monitor and NEC’s quality assurance/calibration software, GammaComp™ MD QA, the  video cards above are recommended.

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