We've got you covered:
From initial installation to continued calibration and maintenance.

When you utilize NEC managed services, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your NEC product is
installed correctly, calibrated properly and effortlessly maintained by a brand you can trust. You can go
about your work — and use your new product — without worry.

Today’s technology is not about boxes and wires. Instead, it’s about the people behind the scenes who make it work. Ongoing service and support is critical in today’s corporate, educational, public service, and retail environments.

When you purchase NEC display solutions, you’re not just benefitting from state-of-the-art technology, ultra-bright images, and flexible, easy-to-use systems. You’re also gaining an entire team of experts to ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology purchase.

Our flexible, scalable packages are designed for the way you use technology. Rely on our certified professionals to ensure your NEC display solutions always work as well as the day they were installed.



Pre-installation site survey

Before we begin the installation, we complete a comprehensive site survey, ensuring the installation location is ideal for new displays. This includes measuring walls, assessing sunlight levels and getting the environment ready for new displays. Our experts will determine if:

  • The wall is flat enough and can support the display from a structural standpoint
  • There is a sufficient power supply for the displays being installed
  • Ambient lighting conditions have been considered

Once the site survey has been completed, we get to work: prepping the environment and completing the installation.
Expert Installation

NEC service technicians deliver a flawless installation. Because we’re the manufacturer, we know our products and their nuances better than anyone — so customers can be confident the job is done right. We’ll verify that everything’s working and connected correctly, then clean up the site (you won’t even know we were there).

Pre-installation site survey

Ensuring the color and quality of your display is critical to the consistency and professionalism of your brand. Oversaturated, muddy or off-white colors can catch the attention of passersby in a not-so-good way. NEC experts match colors accurately and ensure content across multiple displays align correctly.

Ongoing Calibration

NEC’s follow-up calibrations guarantee customers receive — and resellers can offer — continued top performance.

Extended warranties available.

Extensions vary by time and level of service. Options range from 3 to 5 years and can make requests, such as returns and exchanges, even easier.


Power surges. Screen scratches. A display that just won’t
turn on. Things happen — and NEC is here to fix them.

No need to wait for IT or call external techs. Receive speedy, on-site maintenance services guaranteed for quick expert fixes, from full device replacement to updating settings.


NEC Managed Services completes the customer experience with expert service

From initial installation to ongoing maintenance and calibration of our world-class displays, the entire process is managed efficiently so you can trust that NEC has you covered.