Indoor CLD LED

NEC's NEW CLD series of directview indoor LED displays provide crystal clear images for the ultimate visual experience through 24bit processing and color matched LEDs. Optimum display resolution can be achieved regardless of viewing distance with pixel spacing options from 0.93mm to 3.1mm, plus the front and rear serviceable panels allow easy accessed quick maintenance when needed.

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Indoor Architectural LED

Combining the ultimate visual experience with maximum versatility, NEC's indoor LED products provide extra sharp image quality. LEDs can be installed in countless configurations for use in many industries and applications. With low maintenance thanks to its highly intelligent, front serviceable cabinet design, indoor LEDs are a seamless and brilliant future-proof solution.

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Outdoor Architectural LED

Outdoor LEDs shine bright in areas with high levels of ambient light and where the harsh environment of sunlight or rain would usually affect performance. The wide range of outdoor products allows for a brilliant image from practically any viewing distance. Thanks to the highest flexibility in system modularity, screen size is practically limitless. With low maintenance and high durability, direct view LED’s are a safe and future-proof investment.

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Direct View LED

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