Intelligent display solutions for a brighter world

Brilliantly High Brightness

Long Lifespan

Seamless Video Wall Image

Nearly Limitless Display Configuration

Built-in Data and Power Redundancy

Seamless. Brilliant. Limitless

NEC's full line of indoor and outdoor direct view LED video displays provide attention-grabbing, high contrast and intensely bright images in the brightest environments. With our vast portfolio of products from the simplicity of our turnkey LED kits, to fully realized custom installations, Sharp NEC has the capability and know-how to perfectly realize your vision. Using high-quality components, as well as industry-leading support, our LED walls have the quality and reliability you have come to expect from NEC. The modular, light-weight, cost effective design is perfect for command and control facilities, broadcasting backdrops, transportation hubs, sports venues, corporate signage, and retail environments - NEC's direct view LED promises a bright future.