Higher Education

Higher education requires a virtual maintenance free environment. With a Quick Start feature providing almost instant power up and shut down, classes or lectures can begin immediately. Eliminating the need for lamp changes lowers maintenance costs while providing piece of mind, professor presentations are not interrupted. Consistent brightness and color makes the technology perfect for future graphics design and clothing entrepreneurs as images are a true representation of their creations. Brightness and white balance are critical for the content being displayed whether that is a PowerPoint or video.

  • Requirements:
    1. Dependability
    2. No lamp replacement
    3. Very long life time
    4. Instant on/off capability
    5. Low TCO
    6. Low maintenance
    7. Dust resistance

Board Rooms

Boardroom projection encompasses many different concepts. Critical information such as company profiles, financial numbers and business presentations to name a few require accurate colors and view ability. Laser/phosphor projectors last for up to 20,000 without the loss of image quality. Showcasing your message in the best light maximizes your budget.

  • Large Board Room Requirements:
    1. Low maintenance
    2. No lamp replacement
    3. Low TCO
    4. Stable brightness
    5. Instant on/off capability
  • Small Board Room Requirements:
    1. Low weight
    2. Compact size
    3. Reasonable brightness
    4. Realistic colors
    5. Low maintenance
  • Suitable NEC Solid State Light Source Projectors for Small Board Rooms:
  • L102W


Projectors designed for Simulation require the darkest of blacks to create a real world environment. Whether the simulator is flat or domed, edge blending of multiple projectors require that the blacks within the blended area are completely seamless. Laser Light Module projectors offer intelligent light source power control, which enables use of projectors for day and night simulation Complete color control and matching creates a seamless image. Geometric correction stiches the projected images together, preventing user eye fatigue while making for an authentic viewing experience.

  • Requirements:
    1. High contrast for night scenes
    2. High brightness for large screens
    3. Long operating hours
    4. Day and night simulation
    5. Seamless images
    6. Wide color space
    7. No lamp replacement

Rental and Staging

Rental and Staging houses need state of the art products for large arenas, auditoriums and more. The RGB laser and laser/phosphor offer longer shelf lives compared to traditional lamp-based systems. There is also no need to carry extra lamps to events, minimizing shipping requirements. No dark time as the systems utilize multiple lasers to create the light. Built-in Edge Blending creates larger than life seamless images for maximum impact of the presentation material. Projected images are used to provide important color critical information for presentation content or to create a specific atmosphere and ambience.

  • Requirements:
    1. High reliability
    2. Low maintenance
    3. Best image quality
    4. High brightness
    5. Low brightness decrease

Digital Signage

Content is the first thing you see. Why not capture your audience with brilliant colors and an unlimited layout pattern. Digital Signage can be used in Tilt Free and Portrait Mode orientations for a stunning display. The content can also be displayed without interruption with long usage hours.

  • Requirements:
    1. Easy maintenance
    2. No lamp replacement
    3. Dependability
    4. Low TCO
    5. Less downtime for maintenance
    6. Installation versatility (e.g. portrait mode)
    7. Advantages
    8. Cost per inch
    9. Extended-use capabilities
    10. 4K projection
    11. Highest reliability
    12. Stacking

Learn more about the benefits of laser projectors in digital signage with this infographic. Download Digital Signage Today's laser projector white paper.


Control Room

There is high interest from control room and command & control centers, in which critical processes and situations need to be reliably displayed, and quickly understood by the observer. NEC Laser Light Module projectors offer a perfect and unique capability of high visual bandwidth, 24/7 reliability, maintenance-free projection solutions up to 20,000 hours and color-accurate pixel-free viewing that gives confidence in understanding complex processes, identifying any anomalies or developing situations and taking important executive decisions. Intelligent light source power control make them ideal for rear projection applications creating dynamic content while maintaining a constant brightness for a sustained period of time.

  • Requirements:
    1. Reliability
    2. No lamp replacement
    3. Very long life time
    4. Low TCO
    5. Less downtime for maintenance