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Empowered Solutions. Powerful Insights.



Start here with the V554! Providing clear and detailed imagery, V series displays offer a smooth integration into any reception and lobby area.






With the PH3501QL installation projector, display stunning highly detailed marketing and branding messages with extreme brightness and 4K native resolution plus an abundance of features to suit the needs of retail environments.






Future proof with the V864Q 4K UHD display, capable of producing life-size images for retail applications. Integrated with triggered content from NEC ALP Pro to optimize your message impressions, viewer rates and message efficiency, providing actionable business intelligence to drive conversion rates.






The MultiSync EX241UN provides all the features you need in a small format display, including wide viewing angles, a high quality image and DisplayPort daisy-chain. After seeing this solution, you won't need to imagine how desktop sized ultra narrow bezel displays can be used in alternative ways.





UN492S and V754Q

ALP Pro integrates with the UN492S and V754Q by triggering the content displayed on the screens to optimize impressions and deliver the right message to the intended audience. The UN492S features an ultra narrow bezel to ensure content is the focus. The 75-inch V754Q delivers the message in 4K UHD on an anti-glare panel, ideal for the harsh lighting of retail environments.





Empowered Solutions. Powerful Insights.



The FA Series indoor LED will leave lasting impressions on retail customers. 1.9mm pixel pitch, bezel less viewing, accurate color reproduction and redundancy guarantees years of worry free operation.





Start Here



The brand new UN552S creates a stunning tower entrance, utilizing ground-breaking and near seamless design featuring a 0.44mm bezel and anti-glare panel. Along with color control capabilities from the proprietary SpectraView Engine, this video wall solution, stands out from the crowd.





Experiential Video Wall Entertainment



The features of the new UN552S, including a near bezel less display with anti-glare panel and best in class color control capabilities help take this interactive experience to the next level. Ideal for museums, theme parks and more, this solution brings non-touch interactivity to a large screen surface.





Projection Mapping



See what projection mapping is all about with the NP-PA803UL. The NP-PA803UL laser projector is ideal for those looking to map onto objects with dynamic content. Offering a patented sealed optical engine and low maintenance, concerns over projection in retail are a thing of the past.





Empowered Solutions For Higher Learning



The NP-P605UL is the ultimate laser projector for classrooms and auditoriums with its Whisper Quiet, maintenance free operation and dynamic 6000 lumens.






The new C Series displays in 4K UHD. Optimized for commercial environments and paired with the power of the NEC ALP Pro business intelligence platform, delivering in-depth, near-real time anonymous analytics to drive smarter business decisions.






Colleges, universities and corporate offices requiring higher brightness, lens flexibility and maintenance operation should look no further than the PA703UL. Featuring consistent brightness over a longer lifespan and maintenance free, this laser projector provides cost savings over the long term.






View the dashboard of NEC ALP Pro as it delivers in-depth, near-real time anonymous analytics to drive smarter business decisions on the new 65-inch 4K UHD C651Q.





Empowered Solutions. Powerful Insights.


UN492S and V754Q

The 75-inch V754Q 4K UHD anti-glare display and ultra narrow bezel 49-inch UN492S each deliver unobtrusive digital signage video, powered by ALP Pro. Behind the scenes, ALP Pro works to optimize your message impressions, viewer rates and message efficiency, providing actionable business intelligence to drive conversion rates.





Dynamic Viewing



Experience a projector that delivers a dynamic viewing experience in retail. Enjoy powerful installation laser projection with consistent brightness and color fidelity with the NP-PX1004UL. This 10,000 lumen solution is ideal for retail, museum and experience centers looking to use existing window surfaces to create a display experience using projection technology that lets them stand out from the crowd.





Viewable 4K UHD



If pixel free larger images with maximum detail (CAD, Graphics Design, NoC) are required, think no further than the NP-PX1005QL high brightness 4K resolution projector. Larger screens for video conferencing can be accomplished with a single projector or it can be used as a seamless video wall featuring four 1080p images simultaneously. Future proof your installation and streamline content creation as the 8.3M pixels matches that of UHD large format displays.





Empowered Solutions. Powerful Insights.



The V Series 4K UHD features content triggered from ALP Pro on an anti-glare surface for use in any environment whether it be high or low ambient light. Integrated with NEC ALP Pro to optimize your message impressions, viewer rates and message efficiency, providing actionable business intelligence to drive conversion rates.





Visual Consistency


V654Q with Haptiq Touch Table and V984Q

Ultra High Definition real-time visualization technology utilizing NEC's 65-inch V Series UHD display with PCAP touch interaction in a custom touch table configuration. Spectator view supported by color matched V984Q to show the audience the interaction on the table.





C651Q and PA311D-BK

The new C651Q 4K UHD displays are mirroring the content on the PA311D-BK. Here, the PA311D-BK has been color calibrated to match the C651Q, so the colors and content in development are seen just as they will be portrayed on the large screen display. The MultiSync� PA311D is the new benchmark desktop display for color accurate applications including photography, advertising and video production. It features the SpectraView Engine for the ultimate in color control.





Laser Focus



Whether it is retail, corporate lobby, or anywhere else a large image is required, the NP-PX1004UL offers an alternative and cost effective solution to other display technologies. At 10,000 lumens and filter free design, the NP-PX1004UL offers a maintenance free experience with installation flexibility that allows the projector to be unobtrusive in the environment. Enjoy powerful laser projection with consistent brightness, color fidelity with roll-free capabilities.





Streamline Ordering



Dynamic menu boards with full motion video all running on NEC's System on a Chip powered by Raspberry Pi.






V404, V404-T, and V654Q

NEC's new SoC media player, supporting full motion HD video, gap-less play list item playback, HTML5 compatibility, and user tools to mange screen content. Users can select landscape or portrait orientations.





Empowered Solutions. Powerful Insights.



Make sure your content can be seen in any light with the V Series 4K UHD digital signage screens featuring anti-glare panels, ideal for the lighting needs of retail environments. The V754Q displays triggered content from ALP Pro which optimizes your message impressions, viewer rates and message efficiency, providing actionable business intelligence to drive conversion rates.






Ideal for lobbies and reception areas, the 48-inch V484 allows you to create maximum visual impact through seamless simplicity.





Pixel Pitch Difference


LED-FA015I2 and LED-FA019I2

NEC direct view LED offers a full line of LED options with complete design and planning services to provide the solution you desire in a multitude of pixel pitches.





Interactive Concierge


GuestView Guide

This is personalized hosting made simple. The wall-mounted interactive concierge puts everything guests need to know right at their fingertips.





Connect, Control and Manage


EA271U-BK, E657Q and V484

Featuring NEC's newest NaViSet Administrator2 Server Edition software capabilities, the EA271U-BK and new E Series E657Q mimic each other. Simultaneously, two V484 large format displays utilize different content, all while on the same network. Come see what NaViSet Administrator2 Server Edition can do for you!





LED Turn-key Signage



This 1.9mm dvLED indoor kiosk with integrated media player and controller offering high brightness, high contrast and easy front maintenance. This LED solution is a turn-key solution using LED technology that can be used in markets and applications, such as retail and entertainment.





Create. Connect. Collaborate. Communicate.



The 75-inch InfinityBoard� drives collaboration with flexibility. Whether the display is wall mounted in a traditional meeting room setting, or on a mobile cart to make a meeting room anywhere the ideas are happening, this all-in-one solution is ideal for any meeting room. High end camera, speakers, display, touch experience, combined with the right software mix provide a best in class collaboration experience.





V864Q with Crestron OPS

Future proof with the V series 4K UHD large format display combined with Crestron's reliable, high performance AV over IP solution utilizing the OPS form factor. Providing 4K60 4:4:4 HDR combined with switching content distribution ideal for high end demands corporate or higher education content delivery.





V554Q and Collaborative Soundbar

Providing clear and detailed imagery, the new V554Q 4K UHD display paired with a collaborative soundbar that includes speakers w/ 40W amplifier, echo cancellation, and directional microphone offering easy integration into any collaborative huddle space.





C861Q with OLR-861 Overlay & Connect Box

The ConnectBox is a stand alone wireless presentation device that enables any display with a HDMI input to become a wireless presentation source. Add touch, such as the OLR-861 and annotation tools and a simplified whiteboard turn a wireless presentation into a collaboration experience. A perfect addon for education, corporate, or any vertical that wants to go wireless.






The new CB751Q is a 4K UHD collaboration display featuring the simplicity of plug and play usability. Add digital whiteboarding and wireless collaboration to the classroom, training room, huddle room, or any environment with ease.






The 75-inch V Series display provides engaging content triggered by ALP Pro to provide the connections to drive your business.





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