What is theGlobal Customer Program?

NEC One is the key to expand your global business activities while ensuring the highest quality standards and performance for your employees and customers worldwide.

No matter where and when you rely on visual solutions, NEC One underwrites our world class solutions with a streamlined world class relationship that delivers more control and consistency, cost savings, efficiency and improved performance. NEC One is your single source for visual solutions, with seamless integration between suppliers, regions, product offerings and warranties, making it easy for you to do the same business in all your international locations.

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Why theGlobal Customer Program?

Learn about NEC One and how it can help your global business thrive! See if your opportunity qualifies for the NECONE Global Customer Program.

What is theGlobal Channel Program?

One World with One Goal

NEC realizes the growing needs of global customers and the requirements to support these valued enterprises worldwide. It takes commitment and technical expertise with a global presence to maintain a high quality end customer experience across the world through a group of carefully chosen global channel partners.

Both NEC and its global channel partners provide shared values, ethical business practices, territorial presence and technical expertise. This includes, but is not limited to: collaboration and meeting room spaces, command and control, workspace design and digital signage expertise in the following markets: corporate, education, retail, transportation, healthcare and government. Global channel partners are required to operate in at least 2 regions and 4 countries to qualify in addition to other prerequisites.

Global channel partners gain access to the following benefits:

  • Global Channel Partner status
  • Access to global pricing
  • 24/7 Global support and service in country
  • In country regional program benefits
  • Marketing support
  • And more!

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