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What are drivers?

A driver is software that controls a computer component or device, such as a display monitor. Drivers are specific to each device, and we recommend that you install the proper drivers using the NEC Monitor Installer.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista and later operating systems don’t require drivers.

Where can I find video drivers for my monitor?
You can download drivers from the Support & Service section of our site by searching for your specific model.
How do I install a driver?
We recommend that you use the NEC Monitor Installer for quick, easy installation of all your drivers.
Where can I download the latest driver (INF File) for my monitor?
Visit the Support & Service section of our site.
What is a zip file? And, how do I use it?
Zip files are an easy way to archive, compress, transfer and copy files. To open a zip file, Windows users commonly use WinZip while Mac users typically use StuffIt Expander.
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