Removing and disposing of your old computer equipment is no longer a hassle. NEC handles it all and may even offer you cash in return.
NEC makes it easy to be green, unclutter your home or office, and get money back.
NEC Total Trade offers you cash for your pre-owned technology equipment making your next NEC purchase even more affordable.
Total Trade also makes it simple for people to remove and dispose of their existing old technology equipment, while lowering procurement costs and total cost of ownership. Plus, we can facilitate the removal of non-working equipment as part of the overall trade and ensure regulatory-compliant and environment-friendly disposal.
How Does Total Trade Help?
  • It lowers overall total cost of ownership
  • It uses 100% EPA-compliant recycling methods
  • It protects customer’s organization from improper disposal liability
  • It offers complete turnkey end-of-life monitor solution
  • Customers can receive credit towards purchase of new monitors
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