Create Endless Impressions

Join us at Digital Signage Expo 2018 as we create endless impressions. Explore visual solutions geared to help you create experiences to engage, connect, and impress audiences.

Experience interactive and collaborative display environments. Watch as we unveil new and impressive large format displays, dvLED, 4K laser projection solutions and more!

Whether you're connecting with audiences in line, impressing them with in store signage, or entertaining them while waiting, see first hand how NEC's visual solutions help create the user experience you need.

Set new standards for engagement. Create endless impressions for everyone who interacts with them.

NEC Display Solutions

NEC at booth #1506

rAVe Publication Videos - DSE 2018

At DSE, our solutions will highlight new ways to engage, connect and impress your audience. See the coverage below.

Create Endless Impressions

NEC Display Shows the PX1004UL Projector in Different Projection Mapping Applications at DSE2018

Rich McPherson showcases the versatile ways that the PX1004UL can utilize projection mapping solutions.

NEC Presents Sky Series Direct View LED with Multiple Pixel Pitch and Kit Options

Grant Wylie is featured at Digital Signage Expo 2018 as he showcases an NEC Direct View LED display.

NEC Showcases C Series Thin-Depth Commercial Large Format Displays

Ben Hardy showcases the new, thin bezel design of the aesthetically pleasing C-series large format displays.

rAVe Publications talks to Keith Yanke, Senior Director of Product Marketing for NEC at DSE2018

Keith Yanke joins rAVe from Digital Signage Expo to discuss the application, partnerships, and solutions that NEC has on display.

NEC Display Features P502HL-2, an Entry Level Install Laser Projector

NEC's P502HL-2 laser projector is showcased in a non-traditional way as it is used to display a menu board.

NEC showcases LCD and Projection Install, Creating An Immersive Digital Environment

Ben Hardy shows how LCD monitors and projectors can collaborate in a single install to create a fully immersive atmosphere.

NEC Display Shows SoC Raspberry Pi Solutions, CMS and Reactive Digital Signage Technology

Chris Feldman highlights the use of Raspberry Pi solutions, CMS, and reactive digital signage technology.


NEC Display Solutions : Press Room

Press Room

Richard Ventura, Vice President of Strategy for NEC Display Solutions, will present a session at DSE 2018 titled, "How to Accurately Measure Digital Signage ROI." This general conference session is part the Digital Signage Fundamentals Seminar. Read More!


NEC Display and BrightSign have united to offer robust, all-in-one digital signage bundles! These fully integrated bundles are part of the joint effort to bring cost-effective and reliable solutions to the market. Read More.

NEC Display Solutions : Digital Signage Expo 2018 Las Vegas