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  Enable Wireless screen, app, and file sharing for Classrooms and Boardrooms with NEC's New MultiPresenterTM Stick
The NEC DS1-MP10RX1 is a wireless presenting solution that plugs into any HDMI compliant display to easily, securely and wirelessly present information.

 Other Key Features:
Allows up to 12 devices to be shared at once from devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets
Users can connect wirelessly from any Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device through the MultiPresenter app
The MultiPresenter app allows file sharing, web access, ability to mirror the device display, simple annotations and the ability to easily switch between presenters
Simple PIN# access for secure connectivity from all participants
Powered through a 5V 2.4A mini USB power supply
  US ESP: $329
CDN ESP: $428
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