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  NEC is now offering an unbeatable standard 5 year warranty* on parts and labor for the following laser projectors! This includes the first year of InstaCare**, FREE!

Included laser projectors:

NP-PA653UL NP-PA803UL NP-P502WL-2 NP-P502HL-2
NP-PX803UL NP-PX1004UL PH1202HL1  

*   standard parts and labor are now covered for up to 20,000 hours or 5 years - whichever comes first
**  InstaCare provides the original owner one year of either limited 3 business day repair/return or next business day exchange
 Key Features  
  Lower maintenance costs (no bulb changes)  
  Customizable brightness  
  Consistent color accuracy  
  24x7 operation  
  Higher Reliability with Slower brightness decrease over time  
  Higher contrast ratio  
  Instant on/off capability  
  No bulbs mean mercury free  
  For more information on NEC’s laser technology and lineup,Click here  
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