NEC offers educational RU courses through the AVIXA education program. Awarding of RU credits is based on in person course or webinar completion which includes attendance of said course, as well as submitted completion of quiz/questionnaire.

NEC distributes certificates accordingly based on the above after meeting the above criteria.

NEC abides by the AVIXA RU credit program guidelines as part of their training and certification processes. RU credits for NEC are distributed by NEC Display Solutions’ marketing department.  For more information click here.

NEC Webinar Series

You're invited to NEC's Webinar Series which
include CTS RU accredited courses throughout 2020!

In case we missed you last month, we have you covered with additional CTS courses.

CTS RU Accredited Courses


Video Wall Webinar

Best Practices when Choosing a Video Wall Solution

1 RU Credit - April 13th 1 pm CST

Course attendees will come away with a better understanding of the 2 main technologies in current video wall design as well as obtaining insight on other options through projection technology. This class identifies critical factors when it comes to necessary considerations from pre-design to maintenance and support. Attendees will gain valuable insight into technical differences between LCD, LED and projection and come away with a better understanding of where and when each type of technology fits into different project scopes.

dvLED Webinar

How to Select the Proper dvLED Solution

1 RU Credit - April 20th 1pm CST

Attendees will come away with a full understanding of how to define the best dvLED solution once it has been determined that dvLED is the optimal technology to use.

LED Webinar

How to Determine the Correct Display Technology

1.5 RU Credit - April 27th 1pm CST

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of how to determine the best display technology for a specific application. Why and how to use one technology over the other; and what if any, challenges may be encountered. LCD, dvLED, and projection technology will all be discussed.

Projection Technology Webinar

Understanding Today’s Multi-Venue Projection Technology

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