CHICAGO - May 20, 2009
Veteran Photographer Jeannie Pearce Mentors Fine Arts Students with Premium Color-Performance Displays
NEC Display Solutions of America , a leading stand-alone provider of  commercial LCD  displays and projectors , today announced that the University of the Arts   in Philadelphia has outfitted its new digital imaging lab with NEC's MultiSync® 90 Series   desktop monitors, built for professionals in the visual arts.

As the nation's first and only university dedicated to the visual, performance and communication arts, the University of the Arts offers undergraduate and graduate programs to 2,300 students on its campus in the heart of Philadelphia's Avenue of the Arts.

The lab was designed by veteran photographer and Media Arts (Film/Photography/ Animation) Adjunct Professor Jeannie Pearce, who developed the first digital imaging class required for photography majors in 1991. Her latest endeavor includes a facility bearing powerful hardware, software and other tools, including 13 student work areas, an instructor's work station and a printing depot.

Among the technologies powering the lab are award-winning 26-inch NEC MultiSync LCD2690WUXi , 30-inch NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi   and 21-inch NEC MultiSync LCD2180WG-LED   displays, as well as hardware calibration devices, SpectraViewII™ Color Calibration software and SpectraViewII monitor hoods.

Working with Pearce, Associate Professor Harris Fogel recommended the NEC displays.

“We wanted to create something unique for students to inspire them and stoke their imaginations,” Fogel said. “This new lab offers a wonderful environment for learning, exploring and pushing the limits of digital imaging. NEC's reputation for delivering monitors with accurate, easy-to-use calibration and consistent light output insures that our students are working with the high-end tools they'll be using as photographers, animators, fine-art printers, digital imaging specialists and filmmakers.”

Fogel added: “Our curriculum demands that students master color management, and accordingly, they have very high expectations for the ability to accurately soft-proof on screen before printing. We also love using NEC Eco Mode to save energy in the lab and reduce our carbon footprint. NEC's displays are superb tools for us to teach and work with.”

The MultiSync 90 Series displays include ColorComp™, which digitally compensates individual pixels for slight variations in the white and color uniformity levels of the displays, resulting in greater image accuracy; X-Light™ Pro technology, which allows brightness and color settings to be held constant over the life of the displays; and 12-bit internal lookup tables (LUT), which allow precise adjustments to be made to the displays' tone response curves without reducing the number of displayable colors.

“The displays that students will be using also include in-plane switching (IPS) module technology, which is widely accepted by industry professionals as the highest performing LCD technology available on the market,” said Stan Swiderski, Product Manager for NEC Display Solutions. “It enables the MultiSync 90 Series displays to deliver near-perfect color reproduction and brightness uniformity by minimizing off-angle color shift and clearer black tones in dark-colored images.”

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