CHICAGO - June 7, 2010
Four New PC's Provide Flexibility for Various Digital Signage Applications Requiring Network Access
NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today three new single board computer options, designed to be seamlessly integrated into select NEC large-format displays, as well as an external PC option. Technovare Systems, Inc., a rising AV company based in California, has partnered with NEC to design and build the four new accessories, which are ideal in airports, public information, healthcare, retail, quick-service restaurants and lobbies.

The new single board computer products can be seen at InfoComm 2010 (NEC Display Solutions Booth No. N903) on June 9-11, 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nev.

The NET-SBC-01, NET-SBC-02 and NET-SBC-03 are designed to be seamlessly integrated into any NEC S Series, P Series or X Series display that contains the built-in expansion slot. One of the most requested features by customers, the built-in expansion slot gives users greater flexibility for application types and offers a clean, professional look to the setup. These components are frequently added to an existing deployment, making the expansion slot in the majority of NEC's large-format displays incredibly valuable.

The modules feature a 1.6GHz Dual Core Atom CPU with Intel® Hyper-Threading technology,  2GB DDR2 and Nvidia® 9400 graphic processing unit, which allows for processing of multiple video formats and the ability to run full high-definition content at 1080P. These three single board computers provide network access through the use of existing CAT5 network infrastructures, saving both time and money. The NET-SBC-01 and -03 models offer Windows® XP Pro Embedded operating system, while the NET-SBC-02 does not have an operating system, providing flexibility for those end-users who wish to run Linux, Windows Vista or Windows 7. The NET-SBC-02 is ideal in large digital signage deployments, such as corporate applications where each unit has identical specified requirements, and end-users can automate the settings on the entire network simultaneously, saving a large amount of backend time.

"Customers will enjoy the simple upgrade of their current digital signage systems that comes with the purchase of a single board computer, whether internal or external," said Luke Bruschuk, Product Manager for NEC Display Solutions. "We base our displays on what's needed in the end-user application and hope to increase those opportunities by adding these four modules to our extensive portfolio of accessories."

The TNETPC-ION is an external PC option designed for those customers who have the need for more hard drive space (160GB), expanded connectivity (Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB 2.0 ports and RS-232) and WIFI. Also operating under Windows XP Pro Embedded, the TNETPC-ION is fitting for those environments with more robust needs.

"This venture with NEC Display Solutions has been a wonderful opportunity to collaborate on a solution truly designed for the end-user's benefit," said Barry Hsieh, Director of International Sales at Technovare Systems, Inc. "The ability to have network access in a seamless component, enhancing an existing project, is both cost-effective and hassle-free."

The NET-SBC-O1/02/03 single board computers and the TNETPC-ION external PC will be available for August shipment at an estimated street price of $899, $749, $899 and $799, respectively, with a 3-year warranty.

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