CHICAGO - February 24, 2010
VUKUNET Maximizes Revenue Opportunities for CMS Companies
NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projector solutions, announced today that content management software (CMS) providers can capitalize on VUKUNET by getting their customers to register their digital signage networks on the VUKUNET platform.  VUKUNET is NEC's new initiative that connects network owners and operators of digital signage with advertising revenue, by giving advertisers and agencies an easier way to buy place-based, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. 

"Network operators aren't the only ones benefiting from VUKUNET.  The new ad platform gives CMS companies the opportunity to cash in by recommending VUKUNET Ad Manager to their customers," said Ashley Flaska, Vice President of Marketing for NEC Display Solutions.  "The great thing about VUKUNET Ad Manager is that it will let CMS companies bring additional benefit to their customers by opening up a new revenue stream." 

VUKUNET is an automated ad-serving platform for digital out-of-home advertising.  The completely Web-based platform introduces the first universal ad scheduling, playback and reporting engine to the industry.

Digital signage networks can be comprised of any vendor's products, not just NEC's, and existing CMS systems can remain in use alongside VUKUNET.  This patent-pending compatibility allows networks that have already invested in hardware and software to use the VUKUNET platform without any additional expenses.

To enroll in the program, CMS companies need to be a part of NEC's Partner Net site, participate in VUKUNET training, and sign a VUKUNET CMS agreement.  Details are available at

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VUKUNET, powered by NEC Display Solutions of America, is the universal advertising platform that connects digital out-of-home networks with ad revenue. VUKUNET is a web-based tool that provides a centralized, automated place for network owners to connect their screens to advertisers looking to place their digital ads. Advertisers and ad agencies can use the companion ADVUKU ad-serving platform to search for the best networks in any location. For additional information about VUKUNET, please visit, or call 877-805-VUKU. For VUKUNET logos and digital images, please visit For additional information on ADVUKU, visit

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