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Selecting the Right Digital Display Technology for a House of Worship

See how houses of worship using visual technologies such as LCDs and projectors to create significant value for their facilities. Read about the multitude of ways digital technologies can be used for messaging, wayfinding, cost saving measures and much more.

huddle room
The Rise of the Huddle Room

Businesses today are moving away from large conference rooms and toward technology-based spaces where small groups can meet and share ideas.

Make the Dream Work: 11 Key Features for a Collaboration Platform

When higher-education institutions invest in new methods to support students and faculty, they require tools that create competitive advantages and efficiencies without sacrificing students’ ability to learn.

How To Successfully Incorporate New Interactive Technologies Into The Classroom

See how one school’s perspective on the five best practices to follow when incorporating new technology into the classroom can help you.

The AV Life
The AV Life Episode 39 Podcast: Going Inside the Minds of True Innovation to talk about VIRTULARIUM®

NEC Display’s Richard Ventura and partners discuss the innovation and creativity that went into producing the Virtularium – the immersive virtual reality experience lauded as one of the most disruptive demos at InfoComm17

Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Rich Ventura, NEC Display Solutions
Sixteen:Nine Podcasts--Rich Ventura From NEC Display Solutions

Hear about the display signage industry, how it’s changing in 2017 and beyond, as well as the new technologies to look out for such as Raspberry Pi integration, Direct View LED displays and much more.

K12 infographic
Integrated Technology to Reach Every Learning Goal

The right technology supports student learning, increases engagement, and makes recordkeeping and lesson delivery easier for teachers. What’s your learning goal today?

Restaurant Whitepaper A
How Screens Can Revolutionize the Restaurant Industry

With sales in the restaurant industry forecasted to reach $799 billion in 2017, there’s a huge opportunity for digitized solutions in any type of eatery, from QSR to fine dining. See how these solutions can help create a seamless experience for patrons and, ultimately, increase brand loyalty.

Retail Whitepaper A
Making the Move to Immersive Retail

See how many retailers are moving to a more immersive in-store experience to engage customers and improve the shopping experience and brand loyalty.

Collaboration Whitepaper - ThinkHub
Buyer’s Guide to Collaboration

As companies strive to maintain a competitive edge, collaboration has become a game-changing trend with the potential to transform organizational effectiveness across the board. NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub is fueling the next level of workplace evolution with a powerful, consolidated toolbox that will transform the meaning of the word “meeting.” Learn more in this Buyers Guide!

Evolving Education Image
Evolving Education: Four Key Trends Driving the Use of Visual Learning Technologies in the Classroom

Today’s school-age children live in a multi-screen world. Their immersion in technology has redefined the way they learn. See how schools are using different display technologies to create these interactive and engaging "blended learning" environments to help students retain knowledge.

DT Minimal Expenses
How Desktop Displays Can Help Minimize Expenses

Organizations of all sizes have many costs. In addition to large expenses like employee salaries and healthcare, there is still rent, technology, and utilities. Companies are prepared for these costs however, they may not be guarding against hidden costs that come from unexpected places. Read this white paper to find out how desktop displays can help organizations minimize expenses.

Infographic: How Long Do You Wait for Your Display to Be Ready to Edit?
Infographic: How Long Do You Wait for Your Display to Be Ready to Edit?

Did you know that the average display takes at least 30 minutes to stabilize its color? This infographic shows you how much time you can save with NEC's certified for color accuracy and quick stability PA322UHD-BK-2 display.

Infographic: Why Laser Projectors?
Infographic: Why Laser Projectors?

Learn how constant color rendition and brightness, lack of lamp replacements, and long usage hours of laser projectors help lower your overall total cost of ownership in this infographic.

Infographic: Laser Projectors in Digital Signage
Infographic: Laser Projectors in Digital Signage

In this infographic , find out why laser projectors solve the crucial problems that lamp-based projectors and flat panel solutions can't.