Seeing is Believing: Top Three Campus Communication Trends in 2017

As technology evolves, university communication methods have progressed from simple bulletin boards in student centers to high-tech ways to convey a message, including digital signage. Digital signage technology is now a common sight on university campuses – and for good reason. Read on!

mass transit
Safe Zone: Using digital signage for public safety

Maintaining safety and security are important in any environment, but transportation professionals have particular challenges associated with ensuring travelers stay safe. Transit hubs are often crowded, and there are varied passenger screening processes. See how you can use digital signage to keep travelers safe in this NEC report.

Know While On The Go
Know While on the Go: How Transit Agencies Can Improve Communications

Using LED displays to communicate with passengers allows real-time information to be distributed, promoting safety and creating better-informed travelers

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A Sharper Focus on Safety: Digital Signage Boosts Campus Security

As higher education facilities work to create enriching environments for students and faculty, digital signage technology is now a common sight on university campuses, but its applications are changing: It’s now being used to help boost safety and security. Read more about how these institutions use digital displays to protect students, faculty and visitors.

Deploying LED Displays
Deploying LED Displays

Recent improvements in LED technology are opening the door to an increasing number of uses that may have once been the domain of a LCD screen. This whitepaper defines the advantages and disadvantage when it comes to weighing the use of an LED display compared with an LCD screen and details key considerations to keep in mind before choosing to deploy LED signage.