If you're having trouble with your CRT Monitors, these common troubleshooting techniques are a good place to start. If your problem isn't covered here, our Tech Support staff are ready to help at 1-800-836-0655

Why are there two faint horizontal lines on my screen?

This is not a defect. The horizontal lines you see are shadows of two horizontal wires (called aperture grille wires) used in this type of CRT to maintain image stability.

Why is my monitor out of focus?

Check the monitor's vertical refresh rate. If it's 87Hz(I), change it to 85Hz.

If the vertical refresh rate was not set to 87Hz(I), use a plastic alignment tool to manually adjust the focus. Insert it through the cabinet hole on the left side of the monitor and adjust the focus to your preference.

The image on my display is flickering. How do I correct this?

In Windows:

1. Right click on the desktop.
2. Click on "Properties."
3. Choose the "Settings" tab. (You can adjust your screen resolution with the slider bar or continue below for more advanced changes.)
4. Click on the "Advanced" button.
5. Choose the "Adapter" tab.
6. Click on "List All Modes" and choose your refresh rate.

Why is my monitor clicking?

Clicking normally happens when a video graphics driver executes high-resolution programs. It's an expected function of the monitor's relays, and does not mean there is a problem with the monitor.