Take your visitors to the right place with the right technology.
Take Your visitors to the Right Place with the RIGHT TECHNOLOGY

Welcome guests and visitors alike with digital wayfinding screens. Impress visitors with up-to-the-minute information about amenities, attractions, events, weather and traffic. NEC’s display solutions complement your business with the help and direction many visitors are looking for.

Digital solutions can also raise revenues: Use your displays to promote your shop or restaurant, advertise new package deals, or refer visitors to local business partners.

“We love the commercial-grade panels and the near-seamless bezels. NEC provides great support and has been resourceful in delivering solutions specific to our needs as an outfitter. Whether we want to hang a screen from a pole, meld a display with a habitat, or wrap a video wall in wood, NEC has established itself as a worthy partner. It’s been able to meet all of our unique requirements and talk our language.”said CABELA’S


“Using these displays has helped frame our company's image as an innovator and a top-tier company. Everyone, from executives to employees to visitors, has noted the displays when they walk past. What's more, the digital signage has helped initiate conversations that would not have otherwise taken place.”said INTERNATIONAL SPECIALTY PRODUCTS