Create a visit to remember with awe inspiring visual solutions.
Create a Visit to Remember with AWE INSPIRING Visual Solutions

NEC's portfolio of high-quality commercial- and professional-grade digital video wall solutions are ideal for dynamic digital signage and informational video wall applications. NEC's exclusive TileMatrix™ and TileComp™ technologies, combined with LED backlighting, high definition resolution and the ultra-narrow bezels, allow for simple installation and bright, astonishing video walls.

  • TileMatrix: Go big! Expand a high-definition image across your entire video wall with no external hardware or software!
  • Ultra-Narrow Bezel Design: Create a near-seamless video wall by minimizing your image gap with one of NEC's ultra-narrow bezel units where the width can be as low as 5.5mm!
  • Integrated Heat Sensors and Cooling Fans: NEC's built-in technologies allow you to check heat diagnostics at three unique locations within each display. If certain user-defined temperature thresholds are breached, this technology automatically turns on cooling fans until temperatures return to normal.
  • NEC Display Wall Calibrator Software: Calibrate your video wall using NEC's software to uniformly balance the white point and intensity of all displays in a single video wall.
“Since our grand opening in March 2012, we have had great interest in the video wall from visitors and its ability to showcase the building and educate the public on what we do here.”said TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR METABOLISM AND DIABETES
“The final design works so well that we sometimes forget we're looking at 28 screens, since they work together impeccably and have flawless imagery.”said LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT