Enhance the transportation experience with the latest in display technology.
Transport Visitors with an IMMERSIVE Experience with the Latest in Display Technology

Signage is key for controlling traffic flow and efficiently relaying information to travelers. Not only does the signage need to be prevalent, but also able to instantly react to up-to-the-minute information changes on transportation delays, cancellations, gate information or security regulations.

NEC continues to build on its leadership in the transportation industry, with digital display solutions that provide the total package of web-based software and seamless large screen LCDs to fit in any transportation environment, whether it be concourses, baggage claims, check-in counters or kiosks.

“The versatility of NEC’s LCD displays lets advertisers segment their ads and choose when and where they want their ads to run. The images look incredible, and we’ve been thrilled with the performance.”said CINCINNATI / NORTHERN KENTUCKY INTL. AIRPORT


“NEC offers the three things I value most: a low total cost of ownership, a standardized look and feel, and broad offering of a variety of products to fit our needs,”said RALEIGH-DURHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT