Help your visitors cut through the visual clutter to see vital information.

Cut through the clutter and simplify your messaging with the sleek digital offerings of NEC display solutions. Information can be dynamically displayed through video and sound, making the most of your message and your investment. Through user-friendly, web-based software, you can instantly change admission prices, information alerts and last-minute promotions - without the hassle of putting costly orders in for printing and shipping. Empower your visitors with easy access to interactive, wayfinding maps and feedback kiosks.

  • Enable you to offer printouts on demand. Touchscreen kiosks can help visitors customize maps and brochures to take with them.
  • Allow you to design your own content. NEC offers easy-to-use templates that can be customized to fit with your branding specifications.
  • Help you go green. For facilities that emphasize environmental stewardship, NEC displays are the perfect fit with energy-saving technology and safety features.

“NEC's commercial-grade LCDs bring together best-in-class computing monitor technology with cutting-edge video display technology to deliver an unsurpassed viewing experience no matter the content, input or environment.” said EMEBAVET



46” LED Backlit Professional-Grade Large Screen Display 46” LED Backlit Professional-Grade Large Screen Display
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29” LED-Backlit Desktop Monitor w/ Integrated Speakers 29” LED-Backlit Desktop Monitor w/ Integrated Speakers
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2800-Lumen Portable Projector 2800-Lumen Portable Projector
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“The NEC displays are so easy to control and change that it gives us the opportunity to experiment with different concepts to see what spikes sales.” said SENDIK’S FOOD MARKET