Advance your classroom with the latest display technology.
ADVANCE Your Classroom with the Latest Display Technology

Connect with your students in classrooms, auditoriums and laboratories through the use of NEC projectors, large screen displays, desktop displays and software. With a digital display system, your school will be on the cutting edge. Reach out to students and faculty with emergency bulletins, class notices and event promotions. Impress prospective students, parents and visitors with a progressive, technology-forward school environment. Send an environmentally conscious message by drastically reducing usage of paper, ink and plastics.

  • Show off your school pride. With NEC's high-contrast, professional-grade screens, your team colors will look brighter and sharper than ever.
  • Generate extra revenue. Use your digital signage as a fund-raising opportunity to sell naming rights.
  • Help with wayfinding. Via touchsceen kiosks, visitors will no longer feel lost with strategically placed interactive maps.

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“Now, thanks to NEC, students are excited walking into class to see what cool image is up on the screen. Our teachers are reporting that the students are much more engaged and attentive.”said VERBUM DEI HIGH SCHOOL
“The NEC projectors bring instruction to life. They get the students interested and involved in learning.” said CHANDLER UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

Star Student Program

NEC’s Star Student program helps institutions such as yours acquire display products to engage audiences, share information and move students to new levels of discovery without straining budgets. Not only does NEC enable your campus with the most advanced display technologies, but we do so with benefits worthy of gold star!

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Star Student Program