Make a lasting impression with the latest in digital solutions.
Make a LASTING IMPRESSION with the Latest in Digital Solutions

Whether your customers’ digital signage needs are big or small, many or few, 24/7 or just a couple of hours, NEC’s vast selection of displays are sure to fit the job. Our LCDs are available from entry-grade to professional-grade and tout the latest in display technology.

Deliver maximum impact to your customers’ messaging on a single screen or up to 100 displays tiled together in a jaw-dropping video wall. Look to NEC for captivating LCD screens for your business and digital signage applications.

“The new installation and update to the store have received remarkable praise and positive comments, particularly the video wall.”said ZACKY’S


“The customers have been wowed, which is exactly what we were hoping for. We wanted to provide them with the highest quality experience, from the signage to the cinema, and NEC helped us do that. It’s been great working with our partners, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our customers think once they experience what we’ve created.”said FRIDLEY THEATRES