Control traffic flow and efficiently relay emergency information.
Control Traffic Flow and EFFICIENTLY Relay Emergency Information

Efficiently communicate emergency alerts with NEC's cutting edge technology. Simplify your messaging with sleek digital offerings.

Information can be dynamically displayed through video and sound, capturing your audience's attention and making the most of your message and your investment.

Through NEC's user-friendly, web-based software, you can instantly change announcements without the delay and hassle of putting costly and time involved orders in for printing and shipping. Allow your message to appear on all screens instantly.

“The outcome of the new digital signage is beyond incredible. We've received many compliments and dropped jaws from liaison agencies that come to work in the facility. NEC's screens are worthy of becoming the benchmark in the Command, Control and Emergency Operations market.”said LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT


“In the past, it used to take four to six hours to prepare for a larger operation. Following the completion of our renovation project and the NEC installation, prep time is now at less than an hour.”said AMERICAN RED CROSS