New York
Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories

New York State Term Contract

Now it is easy for New York technology users to quickly and affordably access industry-leading visual display products. NEC's audio visual contract offers a comprehensive line of projectors and LCD display solutions designed to suit a broad range of government applications.

Contract Information:

NEW YORK STATE GROUP 38806 - CONTRACT #PC64109 - Award 21273
Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories
Multi-Media Projector and LCD Display Devices
November 1, 2008 to October 31, 2013 (Extended through October 31, 2014)


Delivery: 30 Days ARO

Accepts New York State Procurement Card for orders up to $15,000.00

Agencies may send Purchase Orders and Remittances directly to Authorized Dealers (See List of Authorized Dealers)

Contractor will NOT honor orders for less than the minimum order of $200.00 (See “Minimum Order” clause)


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