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NEC’s Interactive Software (download)
NEC’s Interactive Software is a comprehensive solution for classrooms, auditoriums, conference rooms or anywhere you give presentations, teach or collaborate. It builds on the advancements of interactive whiteboards/pens and puts a whole new level of control and interactivity in the palm of your hand. Compatible with the Apple iPad, NEC’s Interactive Software serves as a virtual remote control for most NEC projectors, providing full control over all functions and settings and eliminating the need for expensive control systems. The software offers a robust feature set—from screencasting (allows presenters to capture presentation in video format) and creation tools to playback and document viewing. It also provides remote keyboard and mouse control, enhanced annotation and the ability to save files in .pdf/.jpg formats. NEC’s Interactive Software enhances not only the way presentations are created, but also the way educators teach and presenters hold meetings. By allowing students to work together in a new, engaging and technology-savvy way, it helps increase classroom or meeting participation and motivation amongst peers.
  • Elevates control of your presentations and encourages interactivity between presenter and attendees
  • Interactive desktop builds on NEC’s original iPad-based interactive whiteboard software with the addition of audio/video screencasting. This feature allows teachers to easily capture their lesson presentations and share them with students before or after class. Class time can then be spent focusing on interacting and engaging with students rather than simply lecturing.
  • Control your Mac or PC wirelessly (remote keyboard and mouse) from anywhere in the room using your iPad
  • Quickly launch your documents and annotate over them in real time, including PowerPoint and Keynote slideshows
  • Create handwritten and drawn lessons on any background and save them for future playback
  • Control NEC projectors with the built-in Virtual Remote tool using the iPad touchscreen

    For orders of multiple licenses, please contact NEC
    at 866-771-0266

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