NEC diagnostic displays deliver the highest level of image quality due to high brightness, uniformity, contrast and DICOM Part 14 compliance.

Active front calibration sensors and the included software GammaCompMD QA provides stable and accurate imaging for the life of the display.

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DICOM Gray Scale Definition Function (GSDF) Part 14 provides consistency that you can trust by:

  • Maximizing the number of gray tones that can be perceived on the display
  • Aids the speed and accuracy of diagnosis by providing a consistently level of image quality across all DICOM displays
  • Can normally be recalibrated to ensure on-going lifetime conformance

All NEC Diagnostic Displays are factory calibrated to the DICOM standard and remain stable for the life of the display.

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You can trust the imaging on your NEC Diagnostic Display due to always-on image stability features.

NEC Diagnostic Displays feature active front sensors that constantly monitor brightness and color* to ensure that from day to day and month to month, every image is presented in the most accurate way.

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A consistent image, from corner to corner.

Every NEC diagnostic display is individually measured at our factory to adjust for variances in luminance and color. These adjustments are loaded into the display, providing a near-perfect correction to typical LCD uniformity issues.

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NEC Diagnostic Displays feature LED backlights with active sensors that can turn on and offer stable imaging quickly and with lower power consumption than typical CCFL backlights.

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The unique Quick Screen QA test enables an operator to initiate a DICOM conformance check while presenting the user with a test pattern to evaluate grayscale results. The DICOM conformance test results can then be loaded in to the GammaCompMD QA software.

This allows for a quick confidence test that can be used daily.

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The included human presence sensor detects an operator in front of the display without using an emissive infrared detector.

This function can dim the display after the operator leaves the workstation, saving power and precious backlight lifetime.

With the instant-on LED backlight, when the user returns the display is ready for diagnostic use.

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Every NEC display is backed by a 5 Year Warranty with Advanced Overnight Exchange.

This means that if you have any problems with your NEC diagnostic display, our support team will arrange a replacement to arrive the next business day. The original display can then be returned to NEC in the replacement packaging. Simple, fast & worry-free.

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GammaCompMD QA offers quality control, calibration and display matching ensuring consistent image quality. It maintains the monitor's conformance to the dicom standard while providing an easy-to-use qa environment for medical imaging.

GammaCompMD QA is also available in a server version for network-wide control.

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