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NEC’s Content Creation Services can help you break through the everyday clutter of messaging your audience encounters with high-quality, custom motion graphics that translate your business objectives into compelling calls-to-action that deliver results. You’ll work with our digital content development team and receive a custom video file. NEC’s Content Creation Services run the gamut of digital signage needs.


Click on the videos below for examples of our work and perhaps spark some ideas for your own content. The videos have been categorized by their content type. Check back often as we’ll continue to add to the portfolio.

NEC Content Creation Services Promo
NEC Portfolio Reel
COMPLEX (26+ hours*)
Blue Dot Fashion Red Mountain Sporting Goods  
Auto Dealership Promo Retail Promo Examples
Higher Education – Sports Promo Medical Network Ad Examples
Restaurant Infotainment Example Education – Campus Network Examples
MODERATE (11-25 hours*)
Theater Concession Menu Board Higher Education – Campus Life
Airport Baggage Claim Ad Examples Sports Bar Promos
Corporate Video – Axis Global QSR In-Store Promos
Big Poppas BBQ Bamboo Wok
Hospitality Ad Examples Menu Board Examples
Retail Clothing Promos  
SIMPLE (2-10 hours*)
Retail Ad Examples House of Worship Promo Board


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