NEC Collaboration powered by ThinkHub is a collaboration tool designed to help you ideate, collaborate, and innovate. By consolidating all the moving pieces of a brainstorming session, ThinkHub works with the same devices, content and software that you already use - meaning almost zero set-up time to initiate ThinkHub Sessions, and more efficient and productive meetings with your peers.

85% of people in the workforce work on remote teams.   45% of people say keeping everyone engaged in meetings is the biggest challenge.   82% of video users are less likely to multitask on a video call than an audio call.

Design Criteria

NEC Collaboration Powered by ThinkHub Philosophy: "One Solution, Any Meeting Room"

  • Simple, intuitive, and easy to use - no training required (NTR)
  • No session setup / prep time - Instant on, meetings can start right away
  • Support content from BYOD, from network, from thumbdrive, or no device at all
  • Support all four major platforms (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows) in real time
  • High security, high performance, non-cloud based
  • Multiuser - users can collaborate simultaneously
  • Flexibility to support collaboration, standardization across all meeting rooms

Engage your Workforce

A meager 13% of the world's workers feel engaged at work. Integrating a collaborative environment will better support the increasingly mobile workforce and better engage workers.

    BYOD Collaboration Software
  • Unlimited device sharing across four platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android)
  • Canvas expands 20x surface area of physical touchscreen
  • Single Panel 1080p 55", 70", 80" (at launch)
  • Single Panel 4K 65", 84" (coming soon)
  • Built-in apps: Notes, Sketches, Web Browser
  • Save, Share, and Email ThinkHub sessions
  • Software-based video conferencing (eg. AirConnect VC or Skype For Business)
  • Hardware-based video conferencing integration (Polycom and Cisco)

65% of people use content sharing in more than half of their video calls.   94% of businesses that utilize video conferencing say it increases productivity.   90% of people say video conferencing makes it easier to get their point across.

ThinkHub Options Comparison

Feature ThinkHub Standard ThinkHub Premium
55" V554-THS  
65" V652-THS X651UHD-2-PREM
80" V801-THS  
84"   X841UHD-2-PREM


What's Included ThinkHub Standard ThinkHub Premium
NEC large screen display with integrated Baanto ShadowSense™ touch
3YR Warranty ThinkHub Appliance
1YR Software Support
3YR NEC Onsite Warranty for display/overlay
Surge suppressor
Built-in Speakers
HDMI cable


Options ThinkHub Standard ThinkHub Premium
Wallmount TH-WM TH-WM-2
4K panoramic camera and microphone TH-CAM TH-CAM
1YR additional support for ThinkHub Software THHUB-U-1 THHUB-PREM-1
2YR additional support for ThinkHub Software THHUB-U-2 THHUB-PREM-2
3YR additional support for ThinkHub Software THHUB-U-3 THHUB-PREM-3
Speakers (rear attachment) SP-RM1 SP-RM1
Speakers (side/rear attachment) SP-TF1 SP-TF1



3 Year Standard Warranty on Hardware / Pricing includes ground shipping!

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