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And the message couldn't be clearer. Read on to see what an impression they've made on product reviewers and award-givers.
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Projector Reviews: NEC NP-PA521U Projector Review
February 20, 2015
The PA521U installation projector receives high marks for its “very sharp, high resolution display with excellent focus over the entire image” in this latest product review.
Tom’s IT Pro: NEC PA521U Presentation Projector Review
February 19, 2015
Labs Editor Christian Eberle calls the NEC PA521U projector a “Swiss Army Knife” in his product review for all that it can do, in terms of accepting video sources, computer files, support for 3D, and for playing DVDs and Blu-rays. He rates it “highly recommended.”
PCMag.com: NEC Display Solutions NP-UM351W Projector Review
February 17, 2015
Labs Editor Tony Hoffman says the NEC UM351W projector has “much to recommend it: an abundance of connectors, a loud, good-quality audio system, solid data- and video-image quality, and higher brightness than most of its peers.”
PCMag.com: NEC Display Solutions NP-UM361X Projector Review
February 17, 2015
Labs Editor Tony Hoffman says the NEC UM361X model is "a very good option if you want a bright-ultra-short-throw projector that fares well in midsize venues."
PCMag.com: NEC Display M402H Projector Review
January 28, 2015
The NEC M402H projector is praised for its excellent image quality in this latest review.
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